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About Us

About Us

The BC SPCA states that “It recognizes both the need for pet-friendly housing, and for responsible tenants who acknowledge the privilege of having pets in their homes. They believe that if more landlords were aware of the significant benefits of pet-friendly housing, they would be more inclined to offer more.”

The shocking truth is that, roughly 20% of companion animals surrendered to BCSPCA by their guardians, are for a lack of available pet-friendly housing. This is not unlike other Canadian Provinces.

The Revill Group began with the delivery of DNA PetWaste management solutions for multi-family properties in Western Canada. The successful dog DNA registration program (PooPrintsCanada) provided multi-family properties with pet-owner compliance, cleaner properties and happier residents.

Testimonials from PooPrints dog DNA managed properties, consistently express their comfort level; and ability, to add more pet-friendly properties to their portfolio with the PooPrints program in place.

With the growing demand for pet-friendly multi-residential communities; we expanded our product offering to deliver self-serve, commercially designed stainless Pet Wash sinks; and large capacity above and in-ground Pet Waste containment units. Both product lines offer a host of customizable solutions to fit any residential property and municipality.