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PooPrints® provides more than 3100+ hi-density housing communities with a hassle-free pet community management program. With the hi-volume of pets in our hi-density communities, PooPrints® is the ability to identify and match unattended pets and waste to their pet parents. Experienced pet care staff come right-to-your-building to register each resident’s dog in the DNA World Pet Registry®. Pictures, pet description and DNA are securely stored in the buildings private account and available should building management require for identification. It’s a fast a reliable community program to keep your property and residents clean and safe. Properties report up to a 95% reduction in un-scooped waste and pet related complaints!

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Synthetic Pet Turf
• Non-absorbent construction and system
• Lush fresh cut appearance
• Safe for pets of all breeds and sizes
• Easily cleaned unlike other alternatives
• No harmful chemical, fertilizers or pesticides
• Loved by pets and parents alike

Pet Wash Canada
Manual and coin-operated pet wash systems for Pet-friendly communities! Keep your property clean and maintenance low, while providing the ultimate pet wash sink amenity for your community and resident’s!

Pet Waste Canada
Large and small capacity in-ground and above-ground pet waste stations. Great for hi-traffic areas and keeps pet waste separate from recycling and landfills. Renewable energy options available. “Go Poop Power”!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Zoe loves living in a Poo Prints pet friendly community because She loves taking walks in a clean, well kept community and she returns with no poo on her paws.”


of Linden Court Townhomes, Fur Kid: Zoe

“We LOVE living at PooPrints, pet friendly property and We love how much cleaner the property is now that it is a pooprints property!”


of Park Place, Fur kid: Lilly

“I enjoy living in a Poo Prints community because it provides a clean and clear environment where I can run, play, and mingle with other pups. Thank you Poo Prints for keeping our community “poo” free.”


of The Highlands at Huckleberry Ridge community, Fur kid: Louie Granger aka “King Louie” (Shih tzu)

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