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Dog-owners now pick up their dog’s poo

Improve your bottom line and increase resident satisfaction with…

Dog-owners now pick up their dog’s poo

Improve your bottom line and increase resident satisfaction with…

“Smooth and easy system to use.”

Megan P.
AMLI 535

“This program pays for itself! The perfect deterrent!”

“LOVE LOVE POO PRINTS. We have been using Poo Prints for a few years now and are 100% happy with the results. We were the first community in our area to start using the program, now multiple properties in the area start using poo prints as well. The feedback from our residents and prospects is always positive and everyone embraces the program. I have referred several other properties!!”

“Poo Prints is a wonderful Program! Our residents really like the program, because they don’t have to worry about stepping in a doggy surprise when they are in the grass.”

“Love how it keeps our property clean.”

“Great way to make pet owners responsible for their pets and to keep the property clean. Highly recommended!”

“I love Poo Prints and so does my residents and prospective residents.”

“Everyone I tell about the program seems to be very impressed by our successes here! Its been a great marketing tool for dog owners, and non-owners that our grounds are so clean! We LOVE IT!”










Save $




In 2015 our company made the commitment to address the complaints we were getting from both staff members and residents about dog owners failing to properly clean up their pet waste. We decided it was time to hire a Pet DNA company! At that time, we signed up all 15 of our properties with one company to perform Pet DNA testing, which unfortunately was not PooPrints!

In early 2017 we were faced with the very unfortunate situation of having to find a new company to take over all of our accounts because our existing provider had let us down with the service they were providing.

Luckily, we learned about PooPrints from our visit to the NAA conference in June 2016. We called corporate and they were extremely helpful, even invited to come visit the testing facility in Knoxville. We were put in touch with a PooPrints rep and turned over all 15 accounts within a few months of connecting with him.

I can confidently say that PooPrints’ approach to our account initially and continuously has not only helped us increase curb appeal, but he has helped us maintain resident and staff satisfaction!

-Alice A. Fletcher, Senior Vice President, Park Properties Management Company

Increased Satisfaction

Residents and staff are happy they don’t have to experience dog waste.

Improved Appearance


Save Time

Competitive Advantage


Save Money


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