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Toronto, ON (May 15, 2018) The Revill Group, a Canadian consultant of pet amenities serving hi-density housing communities, has launched BioPet Life Plan™.

The Basic BioPet Life Plan ™ is added to all DNA World Pet Registry® canine pets in support of pet-friendly housing and the war on pet waste.

Combining the World Pet Registry® designed to manage canine pets for hi -density housing communities and municipalities, with the BioPet Life Plan™ genetics health system for pet owners, provides added confidence to open more pet-friendly housing. Highlighting support to the lack of pet-friendly housing in some Canadian regions, while providing pet-owning residents a valued pet health amenity.

The Basic BioPet Life Plan™; now complimentary with all World Pet Registry® pets in Canada, is a private and secure online health and wellness management program for canine pets. This online resource allows pet-owners to access medical guidelines, receive alerts, plan medication reminders and interface with all of their pet care providers in one location.

Dog registration and amenities have been available to pet-friendly communities in North America for years. However, recent attention and growth to dog DNA registration is largely contributed to newer rental properties and condominiums catering to millennial tenants. Highlighting “75 percent of millennials have pets”.

“A once ridiculous notion to register a dog’s DNA saliva to prove it wasn’t the culprit of un-scooped dog waste or damage, is now becoming more appealing to hi-density housing communities. Initially perceived as a policing tool to prevent culprits, is now recognized as a valued pet amenity that brings risk averse health benefits to our beloved fur-kids.” says Garry Bradamore President, The Revill Group.

How it works: Property administrators and pet-owners have separate access to their respective accounts. Using a computer, Smartphone, or other digital device, community administrators are able to update and keep track of pets in their community. While pet-owners have their own private and secure dashboard that displays health alerts, instant checkups, and monitor’s the overall well-being of their dog. BioPet Life Plan™ program supports testing for over fifty canine genetic health conditions, and provides breed identification services as well.

The Revill Group is the Canadian distributor of clean living, pet-friendly amenities for multi-family communities in Canada.
BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in animal genetics. The company’s full-service laboratory provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting, research, and product development. BioPet’s mission is to protect the environment, expand public access for dogs, and promote responsible dog ownership.
For more information about The Revill Group and its pet amenities, contact the company at www.RevillGroup.com or call (647) 202-9877.

Garry Bradamore, President
(647) 202-9877