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Free Pet Resume (CV) for Canadian Residents Searching for Housing!
The renting process can be a stressful time; especially as a pet owner, and even more so during a fierce housing market. As pet owners, we need to appreciate that landlords are letting complete strangers in and in hopes that their property won’t end up ruined or seriously damaged. And let’s face it; some pets may increase the likelihood of a worst-case scenario.

Although just like you and me, landlords understand that not all pets pose an equal threat to their income property. Therefore consider a pet resume as your chance to show that your pet is well-behaved and won’t do harm.

Read success story ‘She’s a better tenant than most humans would be’ Where Monika Nazair of Toronto, Ontario created a pet resume for her miniature Goldendoodle Alba.

So just how effective was Nazair’s pet resumé in opening doors for Alba?

Well, Nazair says sent the resume to several landlords, including ones who specifically stated “No Pets” in their ads. She says it was an instant hit and she suddenly had several offers to choose from.

Nazair recently signed a rental agreement for a downtown condo and says she’s moving in next month. She says it was one of the apartments that originally was not willing to accept pets.

“I think they saw that I took the time to put some effort into it. And once they read up on her, I mean, she’s a better tenant than most humans would be.”

As accidents can and doooo happen – be a responsible pet owner!

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