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****************** STANDARD CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION NO. *** (the “Condominium”)


The following rules shall be observed by each owner of a unit in Condominium, and the term “Owner” shall include the owner of any unit in the Condominium and any other person(s) occupying any unit with the owner’s approval, including, without limitation, members of the owner’s family, other occupants, his/her tenants and his/her respective invitees and/or licensees:
1. Owners are required to ensure that their pets are secured and under control at all times when pets travel across and upon the common elements. Pets shall be secured by either a leash or harness when upon the common elements, or shall be contained within a pet carrier.
2. Owners shall be responsible for any and all damage caused by a pet to the interior or exterior common elements by a pet in any manner, including without limitation damage caused by soiling, urination and/or defecation by such said pet.
3. In the event that a pet soils/defecate/urinates upon any portion of the interior or exterior common elements, then the Owner of the unit where the pet is visiting or resides shall be required to immediately clean any part of the interior or exterior common elements where such pet has soiled such common elements. Animal waste shall be disposed of in appropriate garbage bags and garbage receptacles as designated by the board from time to time.
4. Each Owner of a unit where a pet resides (as hereinafter set out)shall register such pet with the property manager, in the form provided thereby, within 30 days of the commencement of the occupation of the unit by the Owner, and such Owner shall provide the following to the property manager;
a. details of the breed of the pet;
b. in the case of a dog, license registration details with the local municipality;
b. age and weight of the pet;
c. a current photograph of the pet;
d. a DNA swab and travel receptacle from the pet using the swab kit as prescribed by the board, together with the fees to have the DNA of the pet identified and registered with DNA World Pet Registry Knoxville, Tennessee, operated by PooPrints Canada. The DNA registration identification shall be the property of the Owner, but such Owner, by the registration of the pet, agrees and consents to the use of such information by the Condominium.
5. A pet shall be deemed to be “residing” in a unit where such pet is maintained in the unit more than 2 days a month on average in such unit, visiting for extended time intervals (beyond one week), and/or pet sitting is being provided for extended time intervals.
6. Where the board determines that a pet has soiled and/or damaged the common elements, the board may cause a sample of the pet waste to be provided to the DNA World Pet Registry for the purposes of determining the identity of the pet causing the damage and/or soiling of the common elements. Where the board determines that a pet has caused damage to the common elements, pursuant to such DNA identification, then the Owner of the pet in which the unit is situate shall be responsible for paying all cleaning costs, cost of rectification of the damages, all costs incurred in determining the identification of the pet and its owner, together with all costs of enforcing the rules of the Condominium, and such costs shall be considered to be common expenses due and owing by the Owner of the unit where the pet resides or is visiting, and may be recovered or such.

7. Pets shall not be permitted within the recreational facilities of the Condominium including but not limited to the [insert description of rooms and facilities] ___________________________________________.
8. Pets are forbidden in or around the pool area.
9. All pet owners are required to maintain an acceptable noise level in regard to their pet(s) so as not to disturb other residents.
10. Pets shall not be left unattended upon the common elements.
11. No pet may be leashed to any stationary object on the common elements.
12. Pets shall not be tied to anything outside or left unattended on the terrace/balcony/patio at any time.
13. Commercial breeding of pets or animals within the Condominium is prohibited.