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Get The EXACT luxury pet-friendly clean living model used to inspire 2600 + condos and apartment communities, and growing.

“Housing developers have realized that when planning the hottest new amenities to include in their projects they not only have to capture the interest of potential owners but also their four-legged friends.

Dog parks, pet spas and grooming areas, pet welcome gifts and dog walking services are becoming more available in apartments and condo communities”. Says Jennifer Boehm, Reporter of the Sun Sentinel

The Revill Group is generating a new series of Pet-friendly community tips and suggestions, that continue to help properties identify their pet-friendly strengths, and where they can improve. We help communities create the best pet-friendly experience possible; for both pet and non-pet owners. Says Garry Bradamore of The Revill Group.

Here are just some of the pet-friendly inspired community topics that our series will cover,

* Discover why housing developers are focusing on luxury pet-friendly amenities.
* How do these properties attract “Responsible Pet-owners” and create a positive pet-friendly culture.
* What are the hottest new pooch-friendly amenities that are trending in luxury condos apartments communities today.

Please feel free to reach out to us, should you have any questions about pet inspired amenities and services to explore for your community. You can leave a note on our Share page or leave a note right here.

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Signed: “Pet Friendly Guy”