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What About Dog DNA Registration?
Dog DNA registration and tracking have been available to property management professionals in North America for more than a decade.
Recent growth is largely contributed to newer rental properties turning to dog DNA tracking to cater to millennial tenants as well as pet lovers, highlighting the service is as much an amenity as added insurance for maintaining the property assets and resident compliance.

PooPrints; an international DNA registration speciality firm, owned by BioPet Vet Laboratories in Knoxville TN, is certainly leading the path with over 3000 plus multi-family properties registered in the US, UK and Canada.
A once ridiculous notion to register your Dog’s DNA to prove you were or; more importantly, were not the culprit of un-scooped dog poop, is becoming more appealing to pet and non-pet owners. says Garry Bradamore of PooPrints Canada.
“PooPrints Dog DNA registration was initially perceived as an enforcement tool for pet waste challenged properties. We’re now pleased to be recognized as a pet-friendly amenity that brings value to property and residents”. Says Bradamore.
In Canada, The Revill Group provides the PooPrints program, and have also partnered with several Canadian companies to provide other pet-friendly trending products such as commercial pet wash sinks, and large capacity in-ground dog waste units.

“As the PooPrints program encourages pet-owners to scoop-the-poop; the Sutera large capacity in-ground dog-waste units; adopted by the City Waterloo and City of Mississauga Ontario, provides the perfect full cycle solution to pet waste”. Says Bradamore. Dubbed as “Poop Power”, the program is considered a “closed loop solution” by converting dog poop into Biogas for energy and clean fertilizer. More to come on this…

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