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The City of Mississauga is the second Canadian municipality; following the City of Waterloo, to implement an innovative Poop-power project, by converting unwanted pet waste into renewable energy and fertilizer!
It’s reported that fifteen (15) in-ground Sutera dog waste containment units will be installed in Mississauga parks this spring 2018. Parks expected to receive these large capacity, in-ground receptacles include Jack Darling Memorial Park, Lakeside Park, Community Common, Quenippenon Meadows, Lake Aquitaine Park and Totoredaca Park.
The project’s goal is to collect 60 Metric tonnes of dog waste annually. That’s been referred to the weight of 11 full grown elephants.

Click here to review the full announcement from Mississauga’s City Hall.
The City of Waterloo was the first to install these innovative dog waste units in Spring of 2017.
Click here to review CBC’s April 26, 2017 article on The City of Waterloo’s launch.

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Dog waste is a challenge for most Canadian communities. It’s toxic with parasites, bacteria and viruses.
Let’s do our part to integrate new innovative projects such as the Sutera “Poop Power” program to help curb the challenges we face with dog waste today.
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