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5 Key Stages of Anaerobic Digestion for Dog Waste!


Oh it’s happening, and municipalities are all over it!
In the latest CBC Article – The Power of Poop 
Christopher Pyke, a waste diversion supervisor in Mississauga, Ont., said, they will be installing dedicated waste receptacles for dog poop across his city as part of a pilot project
He told CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning Thursday that people using city parks are frequently stuffing dog poop into recycling bins, forcing the city to take the contaminated recycling to landfills instead.
“So all of the recycling that was being done in our parks was contaminated and was kind of destined to go to the garbage as opposed to being recycled, as we were trying to do,” he said. “That’s a big problem for us.”
Mississauga plans to install 14 in-ground waste containers in eight city parks — at a cost of $90,000 — and hopes to collect 60 metric tonnes of dog waste in a year.

So here’s the wonderful science behind Anaerobic Digestion for Dog Waste. But keep in mind, we still need to encourage dog owners to pick-up their pets waste first; then dispose of it properly, to comply with our municipal recycling and waste requirements!

Stage 1: The facility receives the Dog-waste and mixes it within an ‘intake pit’ with other organic material (food waste, manure etc.).

Stage 2: For the next 30 to 90 days, the contents are processed by being heated and stirred within an oxygen free environment.

Stage 3: Bacteria from the Dog-waste begin to digest the material which then releases Biogas (as an off-product).

Stage 4: This Biogas is collected, cooled and cleaned before being used to run a generator which produces electricity and heat.

Stage 5: The digestate (left over) material is used as a fertilizer to grow crops.

This process kills 100% of all pathogens, removes odours, and captures greenhouse gases from the input material.

So how do we get to the ultimate goal of turning Dog waste into power?

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