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TORONTO, ON, FEBRUARY 28, 2018 – The Revill Group announces, PooPrints Canada’s Dog DNA registration available in Western Canada!
“Pet owners were not happy with the decision to start the DNA program from PooPrints Canada”. Says Jerry Traverse, property manager of Summits Eagle Ridge, Fort McMurray Alberta, “However when they began to see the benefits on our grounds, they began to realize that such a program was indeed a program that was sorely needed.” Traverse continues “It is no longer a problem for us upon request and approval for the pet to be in this complex to have the DNA done. They know it’s a requirement and have accepted it as part of the right to live here.”

“As for myself, as a property manager, it has made our life simpler because people have learned to respect the property and clean up after their pets. It has saved us a lot of work and helps keep our grounds clean at all times. It was the best program to come to my attention and has worked out perfectly for us.” says Traverse.
Dog DNA registration and tracking have been available to property management professionals in North America for a decade now. Recent growth is largely contributed to newer rental properties turning to dog DNA tracking to cater to millennial tenants as well as pet lovers, highlighting the service is as much an amenity as added insurance.

“A once ridiculous notion to register your Dog’s DNA to prove you were; or were not the culprit of unscooped dog poop, is becoming more appealing to pet and non-pet owners. Initially perceived as an enforcement tool to catch culprits; is now being recognized as a pet-friendly amenity that brings value to property and residents.” says Garry Bradamore President, The Revill Group.

The Revill Group is the Canadian distributor of PooPrints in Canada and other clean living pet-friendly products for multi-family communities in Canada. PooPrints® owned by Biopet Laboratories of Knoxville TN is an international firm with 3000 plus properties and over 250,000 dogs registered in their patented DNA World Pet Registry.

For more information about The Revill Group and PooPrints Canada, contact the company at www.RevillGroup.com or call (844)-477-8877.

Garry Bradamore
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