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Published: 18 February 2018
Municipality Adopts Dog DNA Registration in Support of its Community!
Local authorities in Cheshire West and Chester Council(CWAC)UK are now including dog DNA registration as a condition of new Public Space Protection Orders. This is intended to permanently eradicate dog fouling in an efficient, cost effective manner.
The municipality are now at the review stage of an existing PSPO. They have now included the following elements into their PSPO public consultation:
1) Dog DNA registration as a condition of access on certain open spaces that have been identified as having persistent dog fouling problems. (Far more effective and efficient use of patrol time to enforce upon compliance with a PSPO condition, than to try and catch irresponsible dog owners in the act.)
2) Dog DNA registration being offered as a lower cost(£35) alternative to the £100 fixed penalty notice for those who are caught allowing their dog to foul. The intention is to deter and identify repeat offenders.

Upon discussing with Officers at CWAC, it’s understood that they have determined that it is reasonable to include dog DNA registration into a PSPO, following new guidance released by the Home Office in relation to dog control. Dog DNA registration within a PSPO, will form the basis for a framework of legislation that will prove decisive in finally stamping out this persistent nuisance. Given that the onus will be on dog owners to comply, there should be zero cost for implementing this new strategy.
Most local authorities in England and Wales now have a PSPO focused on dog control. Its slightly different in Scotland, and there is no reason why DNA registration of dogs cannot be introduced to the licensing regime in Northern Ireland.

Thank you to Gary Downie Streetkleen Bio Ltd (A distributor of the PooPrints Dog DNA Registration Program – Powered by Biopet Laboratories; patent holder of the DNA World Pet Registry) for allowing us to share this information.
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We couldn’t be more pleased for the residents of Cheshire West, UK. Says Garry Bradamore of PooPrints Canada. The benefits of a Dog DNA registration for pet and non pet owners is significant.
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