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PooPrints® DNA-based pet registry comes right-to-your-building!

Pet parents of INFINITY III condominium, in The Core, Downtown Toronto, ON gather in the buildings lobby; with their canine tail waggers, to register with PooPrints®, and the DNA World Pet Registry®. A program adopted by the building in October, 2018. See video of event.

The program consists of a simple cheek swab of each canine pet on the property, to extract DNA specific to each dog. Should an unattended pet or waste be found; on or around the building, the DNA database can be used to match and bring pet and parent together.

PooPrints®, the DNA-based pet registry service is designed to incentivize responsible pet parent habits, while on and around the property. Education & sustainable ‘Poop N’ Scoop’ practices are the cornerstone of the program. Although, identification and lost n’ found services are frequently used by pet parents and property management.

Developers & property management firms of multi-family communities in Western Canada, use the PooPrints® program to expand their pet-friendly portfolio, and cater to the vast number of millennials with pets.

In Ontario, PooPrints® Canada hired the services of Lash Condo Law firm, Toronto, ON to prepare Pet Registration and Pet Community Rules specifically for Condominium Corporations in Ontario. The condominium pet rules are designed in accordance with the Condominium Act, 1998 and include the documentation to introduce, implement and enforce (where applicable) the dog DNA-based registration program; at no cost to the corporation. See Pet Registration and Community Rules

Pet parents pay a one-time $60 charge to register their canine pets, and receive a private online BioPet LifePlan account specific to each pet.

Initially perceived as somewhat time-consuming, and possibly “over-the-top” for some large communities; PooPrints® Canada has added an on-site pet DNA registration service, and on-going maintenance program for condominiums in Ontario.

“We’re happy to organize pet registration events for our buildings.” Garry Bradamore President, PooPrints Canada said. “In concert with our recent partnership with Rover.com, (Canada’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers) we now offer the largest pool of experienced, quality pet care providers to help deliver on-site pet care services to condominium and apartment communities.” Said Bradamore.

In addition to an online BioPet Lifeplan account and pet parent perks, registered pet parents receive a first-time $50 credit to try Rover.com services.

To learn more about PooPrints®, or to book a pet DNA registry event for your building,
Garry Bradamore
PooPrints Canada