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The “Dog Wash Station” For Your Condo or Apartment Building!
The Dog wash and grooming station without the hassle or mess.

What’s a Pet Wash Vending Station?
Imagine a place where you could go with your dog, wash and groom him or her without having to wrestle them into a tub or chase them around the living room sofa while dripping wet. This is every dog owner’s dream and a reality with self serve dog washing stations. Our Pet Wash Stations are aluminum or stainless steel unit with walls, a sprayer, soaps, informational signage and custom graphics. We also manufacture modular buildings; self-contained, fully functional pet wash buildings offering self serve dog grooming and washing solutions conveniently and comfortably. Classified as a vending machine, our units have a low impact on the environment and have the capability to have a high impact on your revenue.

Where Do I Put a Pet Wash?
A pet wash can be placed virtually anywhere there are people and pets. To get the most out of your pet washing facility and equipment, it’s recommended that the pet wash be placed in a highly populated residential area and be operated 24 hours/7 days a week. Remember, pets are funny and people are even funnier. Not everyone will use a dog wash building on the weekends. Plenty of animal lovers seek washing facilities after hours, early in the morning and even in the middle of the night. By providing this service anytime, you increase the probability that more people will use your pet wash system. Self-serve pet washes partner well with:

• Apartment & Condo Buildings
• Dog Parks
• Kennels
• Pet-Friendly Hotels
• Veterinarian Offices or Hospitals

• Beaches
• Campgrounds and RV Parks
• Car Washes
• Gas Stations / Convenient Stores
• Laundromats
• Auto Lube & Oil Shops
• Pet Stores

What’s Required?
The best part about your pet washing facility is its simplicity. Every pet wash building comes fully assembled and ready to be set on a flat surface with necessary utility hook-ups: drain (single stand pipe, much like a clothes washer), electric, and water. It’s as easy as that! In addition, it’s good to note that all water is treated so there is never any smell. From purchase to profit, your pet wash system can be up and running in no time, ready to make every day pooches look and feel fabulous.

Is Staff Required? How Much Do I Charge?
It is recommended that the pet wash station receives a daily cleaning, but it is not necessary for a unit to be manned. Typical charges are $10.00 for 10 – 12 minutes. However, dollar per minute charges are fully customizable. For help in adjusting what your unit charges, visit our Tech Support!

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